Solac Bathroom Scale Auto Off Switch LED Display Glass White "E Control"

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Handy mobile phone monitoring

  • Smart data transmission: wireless health monitoring technology transmits multiple readings to a smart device in a matter of seconds (mobile, tablet, ipad...)
  • Smart analysis app: easy and intuitive to use for controlling and monitoring physical condition (bmi, kcal consumption, weight, fat and water level, muscle and bone mass).
  • High data capacity app: up to 12 months with multiple user accounts. memory for 12 users.
  • Bia method (electrical bioimpedance) determines body water and fat-free mass.
  • Maximum capacity 180 kg (396 lbs).
  • Easy-to-read digital display.
  • Ultra slim design.
  • 4 high precision sensors.
  • Weight measure selection: kg / lbs.
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